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Silver Cloud

Beginning the Silversea tradition of excellence, Silver Cloud provides the luxuries of a private yacht, the amenities of a country club and the fine services of an exclusive hotel.

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Silver Discoverer

Who said adventure cruising has to be hard work? Not on Silver Discoverer, a 5,200 ton uber yacht carrying just 120 guests, served by a crew of 96. Featuring all suite accommodations and all inclusive fares, where else could you enjoy a champagne breakfast while watching a pod of dolphins surfacing in the sparkling South Pacific? Elegant adventuring in matchless style.

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Silver Explorer

Explore the remote, icy waters of the far south in this elegant, ice strengthened adventurer. Aptly named, Silver Explorer carries just 130 guests in all inclusive luxury, pampered by a crew of 117. With her own fleet of on board zodiac motor boats, Silver Explorer can bring you up close and personal to this glittering, pristine wilderness, while still accommodating you in superb style.

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Silver Galapagos

With the ambiance and exclusivity of a private yacht, the all inclusive, utterly exclusive Silver Galapagos offers a matchless vantage point from which to interact with the fantastic wildlife and floral splendours of the remote Galapagos islands. With just 100 guests looked after by a crew of 75, this intimate ship features expansive open decks to savour the amazing sights all around you.

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Silver Muse

At just 40,000 tons, Silver Muse will be the epitome of all inclusive, exclusive style and elegance. No less than eight restaurants offer sumptuous, open seating cuisine to a maximum of just 596 guests. Silver Muse raises the bar by offering all suites with balcony from Deck Five upwards. Silver Muse is a ship where the elegance of the Ritz meets the indolent lifestyle of the Riviera afloat.

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Silver Shadow

Launched in 2000, Silver Shadow introduced guests to the next generation of the Silversea fleet – slightly larger in size, yet just as intimate in feel. In addition to the added space, guests aboard the Shadow are greeted with Silversea’s six-star personalised service and attention to detail. The Shadow is as elegant as a grand hotel, as gracious as a long-time friends’ home.

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Silver Spirit

With Silver Spirit, Silversea has ramped up its size – carrying 540 passengers, she’s a whole 150 passenger increase for the fleet.

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Silver Whisper

Silver Whisper was launched in 2001. The Whisper offers its guest the ultimate in intimate Italian Cruising – six-star service, fewer guests, more space and the ability to slip into exotic ports off the beaten path. It is as elegant as a grand hotel, as gracious as a long-time friends’ home. Each all ocean-view suite provides a sumptuous retreat. Each public space is intimate yet inviting.

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Silver Wind

Silver Wind, launched in 1995 and was the second ship introduced by Silversea. Much like its sister ship, Silver Cloud, the Wind is a shining example of intimate Italian cruising. Fewer guests, combined with more space and Silversea’s signature six-star personalised service make for the ultimate sailing experience. This elite vessel is as a grand hotel, as gracious as a long-time friends’ home.

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Founded by an Italian family, Silversea has a focus on personal attention, intimacy and luxury. The line was named Silversea to capture the romance and sensations of the sea, and that imaginative approach follows through in all their cruise liners and itineraries.

Passengers can expect to be recognised by staff to enjoy a cruise that will be both personalised and exuberant. The no gratuity and open bar features of this line are popular and it is notable that there are no provisions for children – expect your fellow cruisers to be relatively wealthy, relatively well-travelled and either travelling without children, or with children and a nanny to amuse them.

  • Brand history – a mid nineties launch and a focus on the top 10% of cruise passengers means this line has a highly diverse appeal and a service standard to match
  • Signatures of the line –the signature of Silversea is the impressive inclusive pricing which makes luxury the centrepiece of the line’s cruise offering
  • Number of ships – 6 (including a specialist expedition ship)
  • Best for (kids, entertainment etc) – the sophisticated fellow passengers make Silversea really special, although the attentive (tip free) service is a really delightful experience too
  • Special dining features – traditional two seater dining, with formal nights, belies the absolutely up to date cuisine on offer. The specialist eatery is over £100 a night for a superb menu including vintage wines
  • Special suite features – it’s all suites, all the way, for Silversea, and soon it will be butler service all the way too, currently smaller suites don’t get butlers but they will in the next 24 months
  • Special kid features – none : this is not a line for youngsters unless they are budding bridge or chess champions
  • Entertainment features – think elegant but low key, part of the entertainment is getting to know your interesting and up-market fellow passengers
  • Spa and fitness features – the spas are great, the gyms often small and oversubscribed for classes
  • Routes – literally anywhere, especially the Prince Albert II expedition ship, but usually out of the standard cruise line track because Silversea passengers don’t enjoy throngs and crowds



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