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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CruiseCompare different to other cruise travel sites?

Cruisecompare is unique and first to market in the comparison market. We have a different model to other sites, All other cruise sites just publish cruise holidays,they take the product at cost, add their margin, sell and fulfill holiday to customer. Search results displayed for the customer are live prices from five leading travel agents. This allows transparency on price, value and giving the customer the choice of who they wish to book via.

why would you choose to use CruiseCompare rather than any of the other sites found by a search engine?

  • We save the customer more money
  • It’s far faster & simpler way to find cheap deals
  • Exclusive deals that aren't available anywhere else
  • Completely impartial, We work completely independently from any cruise brands
  • Every cruise holiday will have 6 live prices & 6 option to book via, displayed side by side
  • We will have live chat to support any customers & step by step video help file
  • Buy directly from the cruise brands or major travel agents
  • There are 20+ cruise brands and over 500 cruise ships, we make it eaiser to match the right tholiday with the right customer.

But why should consumers trust us & want to book via CruiseCompare?

  • We display key stats on the site eg 75.4% of customers made a average saving of £243 with, so customers understanding it’s the leading place to save more.
  • We will postion CruiseCompare as the marketplace for cruises, like autotrader is to finding a new car
  • Because we don't sell our own tickets, we aim to give you the best deals available no matter where we find them
  • Real time stats on how many new cruise deals have been added in the last 24hrs, 7 days and the total number of cruise deals available.


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