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Bahamas Cruise Holidays

The advantage of this is you don’t get hawkers and hustlers and security is provided by the cruise lines. The Bahamas are English speaking islands.

Sights to see

Sights to see

Blue Lagoon Swim with the Dolphins - You will learn everything you need to know about them and get the chance to swim with them too

Beaches - The beaches here are breath taking, a day by the water should certainly be considered



Boiled fish and grits is a favorite breakfast. Boiled fish is also delicious served with homemade Island bread. Grouper is the most popular fish used for boiling. Bahamians are experts at cooking this fish which is flaky, white, tender and mild in flavor.

The Bahamas are the delight of fresh seafood lovers who enjoy the bountifully rich treasures from the sea. Crawfish, conch, land crabs, and fish such as Grouper, Yellow Tail and Red Snapper are local and tourist favorites.

Useful Information

Useful Information

English is the main language on the island however here are some useful local slang terms you may want to read up on

spilligate: to go out on the town

jack: friend

high: bad smell

big-eyed: greedy

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