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Many of Europe’s most famous cities are along the coastline and easily accessible by cruise ships, these include Barcelona and Nice to name but a few.

As the cruise ship travels along the coast of Europe, there are many cities to see, meaning that you will awake in a new destination each morning with somewhere exciting to explore. The cities offer a range of art, history and of course shopping.

European cruises are modern and appeal to travellers of all ages, especially those living in the UK who can sail from a range of ports.

A European Cruise can allow you to explore Northern Europe including the Baltic’s and all Scandinavia has to offer. This is juxtaposed with the southern European and Mediterranean where you can visit world famous cities and ports and savour the sunshine. The east of Europe offering is mystical with Turkey a popular calling point on cruises.

Sights to see

Sights to see

With so much to see in Europe it's always best to check your cruises itinery before researching what each city has to offer.



The cuisines of Western countries are diverse by themselves, although there are common characteristics that distinguish Western cooking from cuisines of Asian countries and others. Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries, for example, meat is more prominent and substantial in serving-size. Steak and cutlet in particular are common dishes across the West.

Useful Information

Useful Information

Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area, covering about 10,180,000 square kilometres (3,930,000 sq mi) or 2% of the Earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land area. Of Europe's approximately 50 countries, Russia is the largest and most populous, spanning 39% of the continent and comprising 15% of its population, while Vatican City is the smallest both in terms of area and population. Europe is the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa, with a population of 739–743 million or about 11% of the world's population. Europe has a climate heavily affected by warm Atlantic currents that temper winters and summers on much of the continent, even at latitudes along which the climate in Asia and North America is severe. Further from the Atlantic, seasonal differences are mildly greater than close to the coast.

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