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Northern Europe Cruise Holidays

The Northern European cruise is a fantastic chance to explore ports rich in history and full of shopping and tourist attractions, without the downsides of long-haul flights or lots of sea days to reach your destination.

Sights to see

Sights to see

Take many photographs whilst in Paris of the Eiffel Tower or even Arc de Triomphe

Amsterdam offers the chance to visit one of historys most iconic houses, that of Anne Frank. This is a sheer must for anyone visiting the country

St Petersnburg offers the Winter Palace and Hermitage museum



Whilst in France do like the French and try snails, an apparent delicacy but we shall leave that final decision up to yourself

Cheese is big in Amsterdam, they have every kind of cheese you could possibly imagine

Useful Information

Useful Information

There are many cruising options to choose from when going to North Europe. One of the most popular is a Cruise & Hotel stay. All the adventure of visiting many destinations in one holiday with the time to soak in the sights whilst staying in a hotel.

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